Understanding The Origins And Classification Of The New Types Of Cannabis Strains

The origins of the new types of cannabis strains

For the longest period of time, cannabis has been used for recreational and medical purposes. Back then, it was even used for spiritual purposes by different cultures all over the world. According to the historical facts that were given out, it was said that cannabis was initially grown from the dumping grounds of the prehistoric hunters back then. However, when it comes to modern history, the plant has been around for the longest time ever since the 18th century. As years have gone by, new types of cannabis strains have also come up. This is the popular hybrid type which is considered to be the newest invention today.

If you are making use of cannabis  for either medicinal or recreational purposes, it would be advisable that you know all the different types of cannabis as well as the new types of cannabis strains. Getting to know and understand the differences is a sure way in which you will be able to figure out which one is going to work well with you.

The cannabis classifications

Most people might begin to wonder how exactly the classifications of cannabis started out. What they do not know is that the classification of cannabis is something that has been taking place for the longest time now. The main strains which are known as indica and Sativa have been differentiated for the longest time ever since the 18th century. The main difference is mostly looked at based on two major factors which are the resin and the structure of the strain.

According to studies that were carried out, it was noted that the cannabis plant was found to have an intoxicating effect. However, even though this was the case, it was still noticed that each of these strains had a different way in which each of them reacted to the user. The most common effects were relaxation and feelings of happiness.

It was until recently that the new types of cannabis strains came into place. As mentioned above, this was the hybrid type of strain. When it comes to the classification of cannabis, all the unique characteristics and differences makes it possible for one to make use of it in a variety of different ways. The mixing or rather the combination of the two strains so as to come up with the hybrid was able to bring about unique appearances, characteristics as well as effects. It was basically able to bring the effects of the two main strains that were commonly known and used by many people all over the world for different purposes.