Traveling with Cannabis

It’s illegal to most state, federal and international laws to travel with Cannabis. Some forces, however, result in its legalization in some states. The drug plant is used for medical purposes, such as reducing nerve pain and recreation. Canada is among the first countries to legalize the use of Cannabis. Despite the legalization, it is limiting factors such as carrying only 30g or less while traveling and not allowed for flights or any other means of traveling across its borders. In the United States, Cannabis is strictly illegal, although some of its states have it legalized for medical purposes. Different laws are governing the possession and usage of the drug across the borders. This article illuminates some instances you can possess the drug while traveling and the consequences of using it illegally.  

Canadian usage and limits 

Canada legalized the use of recreational Cannabis in October 2018, and it was the second in line to do it after Uruguay. It’s legal for adults 18 years and above to possess 30 grams of the drug and below. Canadian passengers who possess the drug can only do so within its borders either in checked baggage or in a carry-on. Besides, all security checkpoints in Canada, have disposal bins in which passengers can dispose of excess Cannabis before traveling. Since the intoxicated laws traveling do not change, the airline employees do not offer their services to intoxicated employees. It means that even though the drug is illegal in Canada, intoxicated passengers from Cannabis are not allowed to travel.  

Recreational Cannabis  

In the legalized regions such as Canada and Uruguay, the right amount of recreational marijuana is 30g or less. In liquid form, the restrictions are 100ml. If a passenger is found to possess more than the required amount at the security checkpoints and during screening, the police are notified, which can lead to prosecution or other charges.  

Medical purposes  

Some cases require Cannabis for medication. In such cases, the passengers are required to be ready to avail of documentation. Excess possession of the drug – more than 30g is illegal while traveling, and passengers need to provide medical documentation. For those who provide the medical documentation, the amount in possession should be in accordance to “Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations.”  

Consequences of traveling with Cannabis 

It’s illegal to travel beyond the borders of Canada possessing Cannabis. Travelers found to possess marijuana outside Canada territory face a wide variety of repercussions, depending on the states’ policies. For instance, in Oregon, the law sometimes allows the passengers to carry the drug to travel to other destinations without disposing of it. However, in most countries and states, such passengers face the law – consequences such as imprisonment or persecution for drug trafficking if found in excess.  


Besides some countries and states legalize Cannabis with limits, the drug is still illegal in most countries in the world. Within Canada, travelers are allowed to possess up to 30g for recreational purposes and any other amounts for medical purposes according to the law. For medical purposes, travelers require medical documentation in general. It’s a risk to travel with Cannabis since it might lead to unnecessary complications. Avoid having the drug on flights or other means of traveling outside the mentioned countries’ borders unless it’s vital and has documentation.   

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