Crucial Tips Guiding You on How to Stop Smoking Cannabis as a Canadian

Cannabis is a common scientific name referring to weed or marijuana. In most cases, this drug is highly addictive to many people across the globe especially Canadians. In fact most of them really struggle to stop the habit. 

Stopping to smoke this narcotic entirely depend on comprehending the effects it causes in your brains as well as other parts of the body. It is only after realizing the effects that you will have ability to feel the benefits of stopping smoking weed and keep off from it thus not relapsing into addiction. 

To begin, you are recommended to comprehend that there are various misconceptions about addition which in most cases lead people to quite using it in a wrong manner. In addition, it can as well pros in taking cannabis ridicule to idea of being addicted which in turn becomes useless to each victim. 

Suffering from Cannabis Withdrawals

This is so common when trying to stop smoking marijuana. However, physical craving are normally minimal but can include:


  • Insomnia: – A big number of weed users have concluded that they experience difficulties when sleeping which is probably related to readjusting of your body. 
  • Vivid Dreams: – most paper who are in the process of quitting weed smoking or usage often find their dreams become scary and vivid. The truth is that is have something to do with THC chemical substance which remains in your body for some few weeks after quitting its usage. 


The good thing is that, the effects of stopping smoking cannabis are not so felt like those of smoking cigarettes. Real cravings normally originate from your psychological dependence on the substance. 

Marijuana isn’t Physically Addictive: – Different researches have indicated that using weed is different from using tobacco cigarettes where the nicotine substance make you fully dependent on it. To add, when you are starving of cigarettes, you are likely to suffer cravings which end up driving to its smoking so that you can regain your norm and be free. 

In fact, smoking cannabis comes with its own set of cravings which are quite different from those in cigarettes. 

Psychological Dependence

This is the feeling that you need to smoke weed in form of bongs, joints or other way since you feel you are in need of it. This can put you in sixes and sevens since you do not understand exactly why you want to smoke but many people do it because it is already a habit. 


Are you in need of stopping to use marijuana? You are recommended to consider the above tips as well write down why you decided to use the drug. It is only after doing it you will take action to quit usage of the hard drug. 

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