Cooking With Cannabis

In the last ten years, cannabis (also known as marijuana) has come out of hiding into the dining table. As more hoteliers adopt it on their menu, consumers easily get on board. The question is how did cannabis get on hotel menus? 

Cannabis use has expanded being legalized, especially for medical use in many countries like the United States and Uganda. Consequently, markets have expanded for different types of cannabis products. Today these products are easily available across the globe and consumers use them as they choose. Some inhale, some ingest orally, but cooking is becoming trendy: culinary application. 

Research studies indicate that Cannabis use in cooking is the leading category. Especially edible, but also drinks infused with consumable cannabis. Chefs are becoming creative in Cannabis use in cooking in many various ways. 

The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) of the United States plans to establish a centralized location of these products by consumers and entrepreneurs. There is growing interest in the use of Cannabis products including cannabidiol (CBD). But FDA is concerned about companies that transact in Cannabis products in ways that violate the FDA Act, and this is illegal.  The health of consumers must not be put at risk. It is the agency’s duty to protect consumers at all times while also ensuring regulation for lawful marketing of Cannabis and related products.  

For consumers, it is critical to do their due diligence before consumption. Check online if the Cannabis dealer has COA (Certificate of Analysis) or any laboratory test results. Check dosage information by a lab on the label or online. 

Packaged Cannabis products are best chiefly because Cannabis is volatile and should never be used incorrectly. Recipes should be followed strictly and meticulously. In the US, there are Cannabis cooking classes in different states on the ground and also online. One can also get recipes on the internet. It is also possible to get exceptional recipes including biscuits and cakes laced with Cannabis. 

The consumer needs to research seriously about the favorite kind of weed. Which blend of Cannabis they are using in their culinary activities. It is important to purchase from established sellers, and also use reputable labs for analysis. For starters, always ensure the recipes are easy to understand.  

Chefs use Cannabis to make food and to brew tea and other drinks.  It also used in products such as chocolates, cookies, and smoke products. In some states, it is now legal to use or sell marijuana for recreational purposes. 

Entrepreneurs wishing to engage in the business of Cannabis products are faced with disturbing uncertainty and may have to await more research and regulation. 

Cannabis has over 5000 years of history as a medicine, food, a source of fiber for textiles, and so on. But its modern-day use as food has been slowly accepted since the discovery of Cannabidiol (CBD).   


Manufacturers must push regulatory bodies to conduct clinical trials and finance them sufficiently. When fully mature, the market should have few manufacturers who have well-earned knowledge of the demands of edible Cannabis. 

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