Cannabis is a drug usually in dry or fresh leaves. It’s consumed via smoking, chewing, inhaling, mixing with other foods and drinks and many other methods. 

Cannabis drug is legalized in some countries. However in most other countries it’s illegalized. The drug is commonly known as Weed. 


Cannabis Strains Species 

Currently in 2021, many cannabis species have emerged as researched by Botany scientists. They have emerged and evolved to bring more tastes and effects. It’s grown in small scale or large scale in green houses. When mature, the leaves are harvested, dried and processed in powder and in cigar forms. Each species has benefit. Some of the best top evolved cannabis strains in 2021 include my bud place 


Watermelon OG 

  • Contains High Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) levels thus effective reliever. 
  • Helps curbing against insomnia or sleeplessness. 
  • Is an appetite stimulant. 
  • Relieves depression, stess and mode swings. 


Pie Face OG 

  • Relieves one from fantastic euphoria 
  • It’s not overpowering or cause excessive side effects thus the user remains sober. 
  • Has cherry sweet flavor 


Pineapple Upside Down Cake 

  • This species has nice aroma. 
  • Relieves one from anxiety. 
  • Powerful in stress relieving. 
  • Sends one into a state of sleep instantly. 
  • Helps in meditation and mind relaxing.  
  • Relieves one from tension. 
  • Relaxes body muscles. 

Blueberry Widow 

  • Has sweet aroma. 
  • Is an active chronic pain reliever. 
  • Relieves one from stress. 
  • Brings instant relaxing effect. 


Rare Hindi 

  • Has nice smell thus superb taste. 
  • Is a stress reliever drug. 
  •  Brings fast meditation. 
  • Is a powerful Anti- insomnia drug. 


Lava Cake 

  • Relieves one from work strains. 
  • Relieves one from anxiety and tension. 
  • Brings relaxation effect. 
  • Tasty in nature. 


Aurora Indica 

  • Suitable for relieving stress. 
  • Relieves one from work strains and hangovers. 
  • Doesn’t lead to paranoia unlike other species. 
  • Is insomnia reliever. 


Sour Berry Blue 

  • Contains High levels of Tetrahydrocannabinol ranging from 20 to 27% per puff. 
  • Has fruity taste. 


Jock Horror 

  • Contains High rich flavor. 
  • It’s strong and high leading effect is high. A single puff is enough to bring alterations in the body system. 
  • It’s refreshing. 
  • Miscible in drinks and food thus effective when consumed. 


Meat Breath 

  • Has sweet aroma. 
  • High level of THC quantity. 
  • Alleviate anxiety. 



The above species are the best and effective to cannabis drug users. The drug has physical, mental and psychological effects. 

The species are easily available in legalized markets like in India, Carribean Islands, Jamaica, some parts of South America, Asian parts, Mexico and many other parts. Some religions accept or allow consumption of the drug. 

Moreover, excessive consultation or drug abuse may cause ill effects like hallucinations, slurred speech and many other effects.